Basic information
Nr. of routes
4a / 7a
Route height
12 - 40 m
10 min
730 m

How to get there:
When you descend from Vršič towards Trenta and have already passed all the road turns, pay attention to the second bridge over Soča (the first one is located right after the road split towards Zadnja Trenta and the source of Soča river). About a kilometer behind the second bridge, you will spot a few buildings and a church on the left. Park on a gravel parking lot by the road opposite the church.

Cross Soča over a footbridge and then head left. Follow a marked and well traced path running in the shade of the forest just along the water. After about 200 meters, the surroundings open up and a path branches off on your right across a short scree slope. Ascend up the slope and there is a slightly worse (but still manageable) path, which leads to the climbing wall shortly.

sloveniaBest time for climbing:
Due to the location, it is best to climb in the afternoon on summer days. But in the cooler half of the year (spring, autumn), go in the morning when the sun shines onto the wall.

Orientation of the wall:
The climbing area faces north-east.

Warning: Even the longer routes are possible to climb with a 60 m rope since there are some anchores in between as well.

The very peculiar rock eroded by water offers excellent foot- and handholds with its countless little holes and hollows. Beginner routes prevail in the left section, whereas the wall in the midle and right section becomes vertical and overhanging. Consequently the climbing tecnique changes as well and demands more stamina and precise foot placing.

Link to the sketch of the crag.

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades