Basic information
Pokljuka (Bled) Gorenjska
5 h
Start point elevation
1300 m
Highest point
2014 m
Total vertical climb
920 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
From Bled follow signposts for Gorje and Pokljuka. Drive through villages Spodnje and Zgornje Gorje, then the road starts to ascend. On a main road towards Rudno Polje on Pokljuka pay attention to a large board for 'Bohinj' that points to the left. Do NOT turn towards Bohinj, but follow the main road forward and only a few meters later spot a small signpost for 'Lipanca', which directs you to the right onto a small forest road that is usually plowed during winter. Follow this road for about 4.5 km to a plowed parking lot by Javornik meadow where you park (around 1300 m).

A signpost at the parking lot guides you towards Lipanca meadow. The path goes towards north-west through dense forest all the time. It is mostly well traced and the markings help you as well. Later the terrain gets a bit steeper and the path ascends up to Lipanca meadow in a few hairpins. Go to the cute hut on Lipanca where you turn right and go around a small basin behind houses on the right side. Ascend northwards through a larch forest. Before long you come to a steeper section (that is pretty inconvenient to ascend on skis), but after it the land gets flatter again. Keep to the right and follow a 'shoulder' which takes you to a saddle between Brda and Debela peč. From here ascend a bit, then go down slightly and start to cross towards Debela Peč, which you can already see ahead of you. You will have to cross a short and quite steep slope, which can be rather tricky in hard snow. Be careful! A view from the summit is truly spectacular in nice weather. Go back down the direction of ascent to the saddle below Brda, and (if you wish) ascend to this summit as well. From the summit of Brda descend southwards and reach your path of ascent at the top of the above mentioned steep section. From there go down the same way to Lipanca and onwards to the starting point.

Highest point:
Debela peč: 2014 m
Brda: 2009 m

Parking at Javornik meadow - Lipanca meadow: 1 h
Lipanca meadow - Debela peč: 1.30 h
Debela peč - Brda: 45 min
Brda - Lipanca meadow: 1 h
Lipanca meadow - Parking: 45 min
Total: 5 h

Difficulty: 2

From Debela Peč go down in the direction of the ascent. A brief ascent awaits you in between, therefore Debela Peč is not really a treat from ski-touring point of view. A descent from Brda southwards is much more enjoyable. The wide slope (endangered by avalanches) is excellent if the snow conditions are good.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: from both peaks to the parking ca. 1 h