Basic information
Zgornje Jezersko
3.5 h
Start point elevation
950 m
Highest point
1787 m
Total vertical climb
840 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Leave the motorway 'Ljubljana-Jesenice' at the exit 'Kranj vzhod' and follow the signposts for Zgornje Jezersko. In about half an hour you reach the village Zgornje Jezersko. Drive through the village; after a kilometer you will notice a sign for 'Planšarsko Jezero' pointing to the right. If there is a lot of snow, you might have to park by the lake, otherwise turn right at the restaurant near the lake and proceed for another kilometer. There are usually some clean parking places by the road near the farmhouse Ancelj (Parking 1). If there is little snow, you can drive to the end of the meadow behind the Ancelj farmhouse (Parking 2).

From 'Parking 1' go along the road past the farmhouse and further on until the end of the beautiful meadow, which offers a terrific view of the Grintovci range and where cross-country trails run in winter. At the end of the meadow turn left (Parking 2) and follow the cross-country trail (walk at the edge of the trail!). Soon you reach a meadow where the Dravo Karničar Mountain center is located. The path to Goli vrh turns left right at the beginning of the meadow. The spot is not well-marked, but the path is trodden soon after it snows. Proceed towards the forest, where the path starts to climb up more seriously. Follow the terrain, the markings and the footprints left by the predecessors and in one hour you reach the Jenkova alpine meadow. Cross the meadow towards left (southbound) and continue the ascent near the Slovenian-Austrian border. The markings take you to the barren top of Goli vrh (literally means 'barren peak') in about 45 minutes.

Most of the ascent runs through forest, but the view from the top is really breath-taking if the weather is nice. All the peaks of the Kamnik Savinja Alps are right in front of your nose! You can take a look at some stunning photos from Goli vrh on this blog.

You descend on the same path.

Highest point:
Goli vrh: 1787 m

Ancelj farm - Davo Karničar mountaineering center: 20 min
Davo Karničar mountaineering center - Jenkova alpine meadow: 1 h
Jenkova alpine meadow - Goli vrh: 45 min
Descent: 1.30 h
Total: 3.5 h

1 - The tour is technically not demanding. If the path is not trodden, you have to be careful to spot the markings for the 'right' direction. If it snows a lot, pay attention to potential avalanches.

Ski in the direction of the ascent. Right below the peak, stick more to the left and search for less dense forest areas. Below the Jenkova alpine meadow the terrain is more ski-friendly on the left of the direction of the ascent (looking down).
Skiing difficulty: 1
Skiing duration: 30 min