Basic information
8 h
Start point elevation
980 m
Highest point
2409 m
Total vertical climb
1430 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Vrata Valley. On the main road 'Jesenice – Kranjska Gora' a signpost guides you to the left towards Mojstrana. Follow the signposts for Vrata and carry on from Mojstrana for about 10 km to a large parking lot in front of 'Aljažev Dom' hut at the end of the road. The road is not plowed and is usually negotiable only from March on!

Before Aljaž hut turn right in direction of signpost for Škrlatica and Križ. Follow the markings (if they are visible) and ascend through an obvious 'valley'. At around 1200 m you leave this 'valley' and turn slightly to the right, otherwise you would arrive below an impassable wall. At around 1350 m you come below the wall of Dolkova Glava, where you cross towards left. Soon you come to a rather open terrain on which you carry on towards the north-east wall of Mt. Stenar, which flourishes above you. The terrain itself takes you to a small valley, which goes around Stenar and 'leads' towards 'Stenarska Vratca' saddle, which you see in front of you. As you come closer to the end of the valley a passage to a flatter terrain opens on your right, and without bigger problems you reach the edge of Križ wall high above Krnica valley (on the Kranjska Gora side). To the right you can ascend onto Gubno summit and to the left you can continue towards the summit of Križ. Ascend southwards to a saddle, where the terrain turns down towards Kriški Podi (Bovška Vratca). The view towards Razor, Prisojnik, Triglav and other 'beauties' of Slovenian Alps are amazing. Turn towards south-east and continue to the summit of Križ along the ridge. The last couple of meters are a more difficult. Be careful!

The descent goes down in the direction of ascent.

Highest point/summit:
Križ: 2409 m

Aljaž hut – Križ: 4.30 h
Križ - Aljaž hut: 3.30 h
Total: 8 h

3 - In good conditions the tour is not very difficult. It contains a few steep sections, but with the appropriate equipment there should be no problems. The last 200 meters under the summit itself are quite tough and exposed (difficulty 5). The tour is a typical spring tour when the avalanche danger is smaller!

Ski down the direction of described ascent. The neighboring summit on the top of Križ wall (Gubno) is also interesting for skiing.
Skiing difficulty: 3
Skiing duration: ca. 1.45 h