Basic information
Kranjska Gora Gorenjska
6 h
Start point elevation
860 m
Highest point
1920 m
Total vertical climb
1060 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
In Kranjska Gora head towards Bovec (or Vršič pass). Drive past lake Jasna and park by the road before it turns right, crosses Velika Pišnica stream and starts to ascend steeper (around 860 m).

Before a bridge over Velika Pišnica stream go straight on a wide path along the right bank of the stream. Keep on the path throughout, and after about an hour of walking you reach 'Koča v Krnici' hut. From the hut carry on forward through the valley (a signpost for Križ) through a forest, which later turns into dwarf pines. At first the valley is wide and offers views of Razor and Prisojnik, but then it gradually narrows and soon surrounds you with vertical walls from three sides. Škrlatica on your left, Prisojnik on the right and the Križ wall hides in front of you. Where the valley gets a bit steeper, avalanches are frequent too. Be careful! The more you ascend, the higher 'grows' the Križ wall in front of your nose, until you finally find yourself in a rocky amphitheater, from where the only way out is in the direction of ascent.

Option: If you wish to shorten the approach a bit, you can drive towards Vršič pass from Kranjska Gora to hair-pin no. 3. Park here ('Parking lot 2' on the GPS track) and just before the hair-pin turn left downwards on a marked path. Cross a stream and a large meadow and before long you merge with a marked path, which leads you to 'Koča v Krnici'.

Highest point:
End of Krnica valley (below Križ wall): ca. 1920 m

Parking (near Velika Pišnica stream) - Krnica hut: 1 h
Krnica hut - End of Krnica valley: 2.30 h
Descent: 2.30 h
Total: 6 h

Duration: 2

Ski in the direction of your ascent.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: ca. 1 h