Basic information
Kranjska Gora
3.5 h
Start point elevation
1000 m
Highest point
1737 m
Total vertical climb
740 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
Leave the main road 'Jesenice - Kranjska Gora' in Gozd Martuljek village and turn right towards Srednji Vrh (there is a signpost before the bridge over Sava river). The road ascends steeply to Srednji Vrh village. Usually, there are a few parking spots plowed in front of the village. You can also continue along the road to the left and park by the road after about one kilometer (next to an old military post in front of Jurež farm).

If you leave the car on the parking lot in front of the village (Parking lot 1), follow the asphalt road through the village to the left. The road ascends and takes you to an 'S' turn (Parking lot 2). Soon after you arrive to the Jurež farm. Find a narrow cart road on the right side of the farm. It ascends across meadows, passes a wooden barn and then turns left into the forest where it continues ascending towards a narrow 'gully' (direction northwest).

When the road reaches a stream in the 'gully', head straight up and continue along the right side of a meadow. Pretty soon, you reach another road where you have two options:

  • A steeper 'direct' option: Proceed straight up across the meadow and later through a forest to the left. You arrive to the vast meadows just beneath the Vošca summit.
  • A gently sloping option, better for ascending with skis: Turn right and follow the road to a large meadow with a small cottage. Turn left there and ascend northwards across the gently sloping meadows. Soon you reach the spacious meadows below the summit of Vošca. It is beautiful in nice weather, but I advise against ascending in fog.

A superb view and remains of a demolished house are on the summit of Vošca. Fantastic and romantic :)

Descend down the above described 'direct option': head southeast from the summit (left from the steep 'gully'). Once you reach the forest, descend slightly to the left and you come to the road shortly. Proceed from there down the path of your ascent back to Srednji Vrh.

Highest point/summit:
Vošca: 1737 m

Srednji Vrh – Vošca: 2 h
Vošca - Srednji Vrh: 1.5 h
Total: 3.5 h

1 - The tour is technically very easy. Although there are no markings, orientation shouldn’t be a big problem.

After the bare top slope, you ski across meadows and through a forest. In good conditions the skiing is great but short.
Skiing difficulty: 1
Skiing duration: 30 min