Basic information
Mojstrana (Kranjska Gora)
10 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
950 m
Highest point
2530 m
Total vertical climb
1730 m

Starting point:
Parking lot in the Kot valley. On road 'Jesenice – Kranjska Gora' turn into Mojstrana village and pay attention to a small signpost for Kot. Ascend on an asphalt road and once you reach some sort of a 'mountain pass', pay attention to a board which directs you to the right to Kot valley. Carry on for about 3 km on an occasionally rough dirt road and park at the end of the road. Be careful not to hinder the passing tractors!

Only one marked path starts at the parking lot. Follow it towards south-west. It is gently sloping at first, but soon it starts to ascend and moves from the valley to its eastern slopes. The path is mostly easy; however, it crosses some rocky sections, which are often wet and dangerous for slipping. There are some occasional steel cables for security. The path also narrows quite a bit in some parts and caution is needed.

Once you come above the timberline, fantastic views on towering walls on both sides of the valley start to open. The valley widens and the path gets more comfortable. It takes you to the first crossroad, where you go left (to the right there is a very difficult path across Vrbanove špice); soon after you come to the next crossroad where you go left towards Rjavina (you would come to 'Dom Valentina Staniča' hut straight on – you will come back this way). Put on the helmet (and via-ferrata safety set) and start ascending steeply towards the wall of Rjavina.

The rocks are crumbly in some places, so be careful not to provoke stone-falling on hikers below you. Soon you 'enter' the wall, which offers some very steep and exposed sections. The path is well secured with stemples and steel cables. After good 200 altitude meters of climbing you come to a ridge. Turn left and proceed along it. A 'up and down' path takes you to the summit of Rjavina, and you have to cross a high vertical section secured with iron pegs and stemples. The entire path is beautifully panoramic.

From the summit return to the place where you arrived onto the ridge and go straight along the ridge in the direction of 'Staničev Dom' hut. This path is also quite exposed in some parts, but it is easier than the ascent, which you just did. After a longer steep descent you come to a small saddle, where a wide scree-slope opens on your right. An unmarked path returns back to Kot valley from here (a faded writing on a rock guides you there too).

If you wish to go to 'Staničev Dom' hut you should continue straight on, rise a bit again and reach the hut in about 30 minutes. You can get food and drinks or even sleep there. Descend straight down through the wide valley. In an hour you come to the path where you were ascending and go back the same way to the starting point.

Highest point/summit:
Rjavina: 2530 m

Kot valley - Rjavina: 5 h
Rjavina - 'Dom Valentina Staniča' hut: 1.45 h
'Dom Valentina Staniča' hut - Kot valley: 3 h
Total: 10 h

5 - Ascent on Rjavina from Kot valley and the path along the ridge towards 'Dom Valentina Staniča' hut is a very difficult secured climbing route (via-ferrata). On some parts it is extremely exposed and crosses some vertical passages. It is suited only for experienced mountaineers, used of steel ropes and precipices.

Type of path: Marked