Basic information
4 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1200 m
Highest point
1667 m
Total vertical climb
520 m

Starting point:
Drive northwards from Kamnik and follow the markings for Stahovica or Gornji Grad. Ascend towards Črnivec pass and about 500 m before the pass turn left towards Kranjski Rak (signpost by the road). Turn left behind the restaurant 'Kranjski Rak', and carry on for about 2 km to a large parking lot on a plateau below Rakov rob (around 1200 m), where roads to nearby meadows branch off.
You can also come to the starting point from eastern Slovenia: From Mozirje towards Luče (direction Logar Valley), where you turn left towards Kamnik. Ascend to Volovljek pass, turn right before the restaurant 'Kranjski Rak', and carry on for about 2 km to a large parking lot on a plateau below Rakov rob (around 1200 m), where roads to nearby meadows branch off.

Ascending by car above Volovljek pass, you will come to a Y-shaped crossroad after two hairpin turns. The main parking lot is 100 m down the road on the right. You can also try your luck and continue by car to the left (signpost towards Kisovec alpine meadow). In about one kilometer you reach the first hiking signposts. They guide you to the right into a forest towards 'Mala Planina' alpine meadow. There is some parking space by the road, but it quickly fills up on sunny weekends.

Follow the signposts for 'Mala Planina' and gradually ascend to the first herdsmen cottages at 'Gojška Planina' alpine meadow. Although most hikers will go left towards 'Mala Planina' here, I suggest you go straight on. Cross 'Gojška Planina' and make a detour past 'Stovniške Bajte' towards 'Velika Planina'. The path is very pretty and rather solitary. Simply follow the wooden signposts that lead you across the typical sinkhole terrain and panoramic meadows. You arrive right to the famous Snow Mary Chapel at 'Velika Planina'.

The majority of herdsmen cottages is here and so are most of the visitors. You can have a look at the interesting Preskar museum during pasture season (the smallest cottage at the meadow - this is what all of them used to look like). Try some sour milk and cheese and ascend to Gradišče - the highest summit of the meadow that rises west above the herdsmen cottages.

Head south from the cottages and walk to 'Mala Planina' on a wide gently sloping dirt road. There are three different alpine cottages that provide food & drinks. First, you stumble upon 'Domžalski dom' cottage. A bit further down the path is 'Jarški dom' and 'Črnuški dom' is hidden on the right, slightly distant from the main path. It is hard to resist the tempting 'wooden embrace' of the recently renovated terrace at 'Jarški dom' :)

After you freshen up, descend to the cottages at 'Mala Planina'. Continue on the grassy road towards east and before long, you come to 'Gojška Planina' again. Turn right and return to the starting point on the path of ascent through the forest.

You don’t feel like walking? You can also ascend up to Velika planina by a cable car? Read more about this option here.

Highest point/summit:
Velika Planina / Gradišče: 1667 m

Parking - Gojška Planina - Velika Planina (Gradišče): 2 h
Velika Planina (Gradišče) - Mala Planina - Gojška Planina - Parking: 1.45 h
Total: 4 h

1 - The whole tour is technically easy.

Type of path: Marked- Wooden signposts are everywhere.