Basic information
7 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
450 m
Highest point
1667 m
Total vertical climb
1250 m

Starting point:
Drive north from Kamnik and follow the signposts for Gornji Grad or Velika planina. Turn left towards Kamniška Bistrica at a crossroad in Stahovica (Gornji Grad is to the right). Just after that, you will spot some red hiking signposts for Velika planina on your right side. You can either park here (next to Calcit factory) or turn right onto a dirt road as the hiking signposts indicate and leave the car higher up the road.

Head along a dirt road from the parking lot at Calcit factory and follow the signposts for Velika planina. After about 2 km on the road you will cross a farm courtyard and proceed straight on. The road turns into a cart road and leads past a water source to a marked split. Go to the left and ascend steeply. The marked path is wide enough and without any orientation problems it leads you to a pretty bench - excellent for a rest and snack. Here is the next path split: the left path goes across 'Pasja peč' and the right one past 'Pirčev vrh'. It does not really matter which path you take since they merge soon after. Those who suffer from vertigo should choose the one across 'Pirčev vrh'.

Before long, you reach a plateau at Kisovec alpine meadow and simply follow the signposts to Velika or Mala planina. Once you come out of the forest, keep on the left path. The big Domžalski hut on Mala planina will be on your right and you continue along a wider cart road that leads directly to the herdsmen cottages and Snow Mary chapel at Velika planina. If you wish, you can ascend to the highest point of Velika planina (Gradišče) just above the herdsmen cottages.

Return back along the same way to Domžalski hut on Mala planina and continue straight to Jarški hut from there. When you reach Jarški hut, turn slightly to the right and descend to the cottages at Mala planina. Keep right and go along an unmarked path until you reach the path of your ascent. Return back into the forest along it and watch for 'Planina Kisovec' hiking signpost, which directs you to the left. You reach the homestead at Kisovec alpine meadow in no time.

Here you will find a dirt road and follow it to the right to the edge of a meadow. The road turns sharply down to the left towards 'Dom na Kisovcu' hut, but you head along a grassy path (approximately in the same direction as the road). It ascends gently and also leads to 'Dom na Kisovcu' hut through a pleasant forest. Find a wooden signpost a few steps before the 'Dom na Kisovcu' hut and head to the right onto a narrow footpath towards Stahovica or St. Primož. The path is poorly visible at times, so be careful. At first the path crosses the slope to the west, then it descends steeply and continues crossing the slope until it merges with the marked path of your ascent. Follow the markings on a gently sloping path to the south. In about 100 m you reach two extremely panoramic churches - St. Primož and St. Peter. Take in the view, descent past both churches and turn right. Merge again with the path of the ascent after a few steps and return to the starting point.

You don’t feel like walking? Would you like to go to Velika planina by cable-car? Read this description.

Highest point/summit:
Velika planina (Gradišče): 1667 m

Stahovica - Gradišče: 3.30 h
Gradišče - Stahovica (across Kisovec meadow): 3.30 h
Total: 7 h

2 - The path is technically easy. Those who suffer from vertigo may encounter some troubles in a section of the path across 'Pasja peč' (take the 'detour' across 'Pirčev vrh'). The path from 'Dom na Kisovcu' hut to St. Primož is narrow and poorly visible in some parts. The tour is rather long so do not overestimate how fit you are.

Type of path: The path is mostly marked. There are many paths on the top section of Mala and Velika planina, but wooden signposts make orientation easier. A narrow unmarked path leads from 'Dom na Kisovcu' hut to St. Primož church.