Basic information
Bled (Pokljuka) Gorenjska
7 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
1310 m
Highest point
2240 m
Total vertical climb
1030 m

Starting point:
In Bled follow signposts for Gorje and Pokljuka. Drive through Spodnje and Zgornje Gorje villages and then the road starts ascending. Drive to Rudno Polje on Pokljuka plateau, where a military and sports center are situated. The asphalt ends here. Continue straight on a dirt road and keep right. You will come to a parking lot at the end of the road, where a footpath to Konjščica alpine meadow begins (1310 m).

On the right edge of the parking lot go on a rather wide path towards Konjščica alpine meadow. After a delightful walk through a forest you reach the mentioned meadow, where a lovely cheese making hut stands. Proceed straight up across the meadow and onwards to a small basin called Jezerce. Here the paths to 'Srenjski Preval' or 'Studorski Preval' saddle split. Head to the left towards 'Studorski Preval' saddle. Behind you the view towards Mali Draški Vrh (to the left) and Viševnik (to the right) is nicer with every step. The next crossroad is on 'Studorski Preval' saddle. Go right in the direction of 'Srenjski Preval', but leave the marked path after a few steps already and follow a well traced footpath on the left side of dwarf pines. Soon you come to a short steep rocky section and then to a nice and simple ridge, which you follow all the way to Veliki Draški Vrh. An incredible view on the pointy Mali Draški Vrh, the rounded Mt. Tosc and 'two headed' Mt. Triglav accompany you at all times. Really beautiful!

Go down from the summit westwards by the edge of the vertical walls above Krma valley. At first descend across a pathless grassy slope, then later you will find an unmarked footpath, which leads towards a saddle between Mali and Veliki Draški Vrh. Occasional small stone piles help you with the orientation. Merge with a marked path on the saddle and follow it straight on towards 'Srenjski Preval' saddle. The path crosses steep terrain, is narrow and exposed in some places. There are steel cables for help - people with vertigo will not find them amusing. On the Srenjski saddle turn left towards Mali Draški Vrh. At first follow a poorly visible footpath, which soon turns into a pathless area. Climb straight up on a somewhat crumbly terrain. If you are not comfortable ascending it is better to skip Mali Draški Vrh, because the descent will be even more difficult! A bit higher up you keep to some kind of a gully and search for comfortable passages across rocks. Mali Draški Vrh has two summits – the east one is marked by a stamp-box and the west (higher) one with a small stone pile. Return back to Srenjski saddle and proceed in the direction of Mt. Viševnik for a few meters. Actually you can ascend to Viševnik also and combine the trip with this tour. Otherwise turn RIGHT onto an unmarked path towards Jezerce at the spot where a marked path towards Lipanca branches off to the left (a writing on a rock). From Jezerce return back the same way to the starting point.

Highest point/summit::
Veliki Draški Vrh: 2240 m
Mali Draški Vrh: 2132 m

Parking - 'Studorski Preval' saddle: 1.45 h
'Studorski preval' saddle - Veliki Draški Vrh: 1 h
Veliki Draški Vrh - 'Srenjski preval' saddle: 1.30 h
'Srenjski preval' saddle - Mali Draški Vrh: 30 min
Mali Draški Vrh - Parking: 2 h
Total: 7 h

4 - When ascending to Veliki Draški Vrh there is only one technically difficult section where you have to climb over a short rocky section. The marked path between Studorski and Srenjski Preval is exposed and protected by steel cables in some places. Not for people with vertigo! Ascending to Mali Draški Vrh demands some climbing skills (1st level) across a steep and slightly crumbling terrain.

Type of path:
Unmarked - The path to Studorski Preval is marked and a traced unmarked path leads to Veliki Draški Vrh. The descent to the saddle between Veliki and Mali Draški Vrh is partly an unmarked path and partly a pathless area. A marked path leads to Srenjski Preval again. The ascent to Mali Draški Vrh has no path either - you have to look for easiest passages. Descent from Srenjski Preval back to Jezerce goes along a nicely visible unmarked path.