Basic information
Entrance fee
300 m
Trip duration
1 h

How to get there:
From the center of Kobarid go in direction of Drežnica village. Cross the Soča river over Napoleon bridge and turn left. Soon you will come to a big parking lot on your right just in front of Camp Koren.

Just above Camp Koren you will spot a signpost for Kozjak waterfall which directs you to the left. A dirt road (closed for traffic) will take you across the meadow and bring you to the turquoise Soča river. Follow a nice marked trail and you can also make a short detour to the right and visit remains of the bunkers from the 1st world war. A neat and popular trail will bring you to the spectacular Great Kozjak waterfall! A must-see if you are in the region!

Kozjak waterfall is also a part of 'Kobarid historic trail' that visits all major sights around Kobarid.

Basic info:
Duration: 1 h
Length: 3.5 km
Altitude difference: 80 m
Type of path: easy marked path