Basic information
Logarska dolina
slap, dolina, razgledna točka
Entrance fee
da (za motorna vozila)
900 m
Trip duration
1 h

Starting point:
Logar valley is quite distant from all major road connections in Slovenia, which adds a peculiar charm to it. Here is how to get there:

Pictures of Logar valley decorate many Slovenian tourist brochures and there is a well known TV commercial where a lovely gentleman writes “Welcome!” onto a blackboard. It really is beautiful and the valley offers plenty to all nature fans - from easy family trips, long hiking tours or vacations in one of the superb accommodation facilities. In addition, there are quite a few excellent places to eat in the valley. Our choice = Logarski Kot! Magnificent ambiance and home-made mouthwatering food.

There is an entrance fee for all motor vehicles driving into Logar valley (motorcycle 5€, car 7€, van 8€, bus 25€); however, coming on foot or by bike is free of charge. There is also an info point in the valley (next to Plesnik hotel), where you can get further information and borrow electric bikes. If you wish to find out even more about the region, we suggest you stop at Center Rinka in Solčava village (a nice wooden building by the road). There is an information center, a shop selling local products, a nice small pub and an interesting permanent exhibition about the life and nature of the region. Some of the Logar valley major sights are presented below.

Rinka Waterfall: In addition to the magnificent view and gorgeous meadows, Rinka waterfall is the main 'star' of the Logar valley. It falls over a wide wall and is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia with its 105 meters. Many tourists and hikers gather to admire its beauty and during winter, alpinists climb on its frozen waters. It is located at the very end of the valley. You can reach it in about 15 minutes along an easy marked path from the parking lot at the end of the asphalt road. The water goes underground soon after the waterfall and it comes back out to the surface in the lower section of the valley, at the source of Črna. There is an inn Orlovo Gnezdo right by the waterfall.

The path through Logar valley: Around one kilometer after the spot where you pay the entrance fee, you will see wooden boards for 'Pot po Logarski dolini' path on your right. There is a 7 km long footpath from here to Rinka waterfall and it leads past some natural and ethnographic sights of the valley. This is a nice and easy walk which takes 2 hours (one way). You can join the path at several points along the valley and thus shorten the trip. You can also hire a guide for a more detailed explanation and further information about the sights. Write to

Palenk waterfall: There is an interesting waterfall (78 m high) right next to Plesnik hotel (if you drive up through the valley, go left on the first crossroad). As the majority of waterfalls in Logar valley, this one is also most interesting after heavy rain and it is a popular 'playground' for ice climbers in winter.

Rastočki waterfall: About one kilometer from the entrance to Logar valley you will spot a small parking lot on your left (where the 'Pot po Logarski dolini' path starts). Leave your vehicle here and proceed on the main road to the nearby Juvanija tourist farm. Signposts for Rastočki waterfall guide you to the left. Walk across a meadow by a wooden fence. Once you come into a forest, turn a bit to the left, cross a wider forest path and you will come underneath the cute waterfall - only 10 minutes from the parking lot. Suitable for everyone.

Sušica waterfall: This waterfall is a bit more hidden and has less water. From the parking lot at Dom Planincev (in the upper half of the valley) go in the direction of mountain hut at Klemenča Jama. After a few 100 meters along a dirt road you will reach a crossroad. Continue on the left branch, which turns sharply to the left, but you go straight into the forest. There is no visible path (it is overgrown). Listen to the water trickling and walk straight on. Before long, you will come under a pretty waterfall falling over a towering wall. You guessed it - this one is tackled by ice climbers too :)

P.S. The duration of the trip in the “basic information” square is symbolic. You will definitely stay longer in the Logar valley.