Basic information
Nr. of routes
4b+ / 7c
Route height
6 - 30 m
10 min
250 m

How to get there:
Drive towards the Italian border from Kobarid and just behind Robič village you will spot a large pebbly parking lot where you park.

From the parking lot head to a small inn on foot and proceed on a nicely visible footpath to Nadiža river. Where the river is dammed (a water pool – ideal for swimming!) and the stream is the most narrow and shallow, cross the river (perhaps bring additional footwear and a towel). The path continues through a forest to a wide meadow where it starts to ascend gradually along the side of it. Before long, you arrive to the foot of a spectacular overhanging wall. There is smaller boulder with easier routes on the other side of the meadow. It is a 10 minute walk from the parking lot. Warning: the mentioned parking lot charges a fee in summer and is rather popular because of the nice bathing area at Nadiža river.

sloveniaBest time for climbing:
Due to its location, it is best to visit this climbing area in summer or early autumn.

Orientation of the wall:
The climbing area faces north.

The slightly underestimated routes will challenge even the best climbers. The overhangs with many handholds demand a lot of strength and stamina. There is a huge boulder with easier routes on the opposite side of the meadow.

Link to the sketch of the crag.

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades