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Piran was always a significant “player” in this area. Fishing, cultivation of fruit and vegetables in fertile outskirts, trading and above all salt harvesting were of vital importance for the development of the town. Influence from Venice was always strong and for about 500 years Piran was also a part of the Venetian Republic, which is today visible especially in its architecture. When you will see the red Venetian house at the edge of Tartini square, you will think that you are really in Venice for a moment. You will also notice the lions (the symbol of Venetian Republic) on the fronts of several other houses.

The center of Piran is an airy square dedicated to Piran’s most famous resident - violin player Giusseppe Tartini. This is a meeting place for locals and tourists and an “urban” playground for youth. In the middle stands a monument to the violin grandmaster and numerous significant buildings are arranged around the square. A lot smaller but very nice is 1st of May Square which is hidden between Tartini square and the cape. On the square there is a giant well that was built after a severe drought at the end of 18th century. The well is actually a raised platform ornamented with interesting statues. Rainwater from the roofs of surrounding houses was (and still is) being poured into this cistern. Nowadays the well also serves as a terrace of a lovely local tavern.

Main landmark of Piran is the Church of St George, who is the patron saint of the town and watches over Piran. You should certainly stop by a pretty Minorite monastery during the ascent to the church, rise up to the church tower of St. George for a bird’s-eye view and continue to the city walls on top of the hill behid the town.

Piran is at its best in the warmer half of the year. Fortunately this “half” is slightly longer at the seaside and (if bora-wind doesn't bother us) we can have fun in the warm sunshine from March all to October. During summertime many bathers are here and Piran is especially popular with divers since the most beautiful underwater locations in Slovenia are nearby. When bora-wind starts to blow and everybody hides away, wind-surfers come out to the cape…