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kuhinja, izposoja koles

»Where the mountains touch the sky. Where you are woken up by nature's sweetest symphony. Where capitalism hasn't killed the smiles on people's faces – there is Zazid.« In Zazid one really gets the feeling that the time has stopped, that no one is in a rush, suddenly you find yourself lying in a hammock in the hostel's garden with a peaceful smile on your face.

The owners, Tina and Dušan, excelled themselves with the hostel. With a lot of work and some practical solutions they have created a wonderful place which offers:

  • 2 traditional houses with a great common barbecue & relax garden
  • Each house has its own fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and a common area for hanging out by the fireplace
  • House nr. 1 has a triple room and 2 quadruple rooms. One room even has a private bathroom.
  • House nr. 2 has a double room and a quadruple room. Bathrooms are shared.
  • Use of computer and wireless internet
The surroundings of Zazid are a climbing paradise (Osp, Črni Kal, Mišja peč), and there are numerous possibilities for cycling and hiking, too. You can always ask for some advice at the hostel, they organize guided biking tours and hiking trips and rent bikes as well. The coast is only 20 km away and the hostel is a nice alternative to the accommodation capacities on the coast.