Basic information
Osp (Koper)
Nr. of routes
4a / 9a+
Route height
7 - 42 m
5 min
50 m

How to get there:
We leave the motorway 'Ljubljana– Koper' at exit Črni Kal, then turn left towards Gabrovica at the first crossroad. After two kilometers, at the sign board for village Osp, we turn right onto a dirt road, which leads us to a parking lot shortly.

From the parking lot we follow a well traced path that takes us to the wall in 5 minutes.

Best time for climbing:
It is most pleasant during the early spring, late autumn or on sunny winter days without wind. Although it is hellishly hot during summer in the central part, it is possible to climb in the right part in the morning until the sun shines onto the wall, and in the left part in the afternoon.

sloveniaOrientation of the wall:
The central part is oriented towards SW, the left part of the wall faces SE and the right one towards NW.

Overhanging rock formations of all possible shapes and sizes are a trademark of this climbing area. Overcoming the vertical on the striking overhangs demands extremely flexible climbing moves. The routes are constantly difficult, up to 40 meters long in the central part (80 m rope!), and hence they require a lot of strength and stamina. In the left and right part of the crag it is also possible to find some easier routes, which will be enjoyable for the less skilled climbers.

Y - Number of routes
X - Grades