Basic information
Vojsko (Idrija)
partizanska tiskarna
Entrance fee
800 m

How to get there:
From the centre of Idrija we follow the sign boards for Vojsko and reach Vojsko after about 14 km of ascent. There we will come across a sign board for the printing shop which offers us 2 options:
- 2 km by car and 20 minutes on foot (the path is steep)
- 5 km by car and 5 minutes on foot (access is possible only for cars not buses)
Both options are marked properly.

Printing shop Slovenia began to function in September 1944 when they smuggled a large automatic printing press powered by electricity from Italy and transported it with great effort to this remote corner of Vojsko woods. They immediately started printing the Partisan Daily, which was published every day in 4000-7000 copies! In addition they were also printing other newspapers, brochures, leaflets, booklets, etc.

Printing shop includes 6 sheds: an engine room, an electric plant, a bookbindery, a kitchen, a toilet and composing room. The latter occupied the biggest area where typesetters were patiently placing letter by letter into the printing form. Lino-cuts which were created by an engraving master for printing illustrations are also very interesting. The printing shop where 40-50 people worked and resided was functioning until May 1. 1945.

It has been opened for visitors since 1947 and includes all authenthical printing technology. The friendly caretaker Albin (it is advisable to phone him before you visit + 386 41 479 652) will show you the printing shop with pleasure and print a commemorative leaflet on a pedal-driven printing machine.

A pretty footpath leads to the printing shop from both of the above mentioned parking lots. The forest is fantastically wild and all of a sudden we spot the wooden huts by a pretty stream that springs up under a rock just above the sheds.

Partisan printing shop Slovenia is under the patronage of The Idrija Municipial Museum, where you can get up-to-date information about opening times.