Basic information
Škofja Loka Gorenjska
4.5 h
Start point elevation
780 m
Highest point
1562 m
Total vertical climb
780 m
Skiing difficulty

Starting point:
On the road 'Škofja Loka – Žiri' in Hotavlje village turn right towards Cerkno ski-resort. Drive through the village and follow the green boards for the path to Blegoš from Čabarče. Carry on through Čabarče village on an asphalt road to a lonesome Likar farm. In front of the farm there are usually a few plowed parking spots (about 780 m).

A signpost for Blegoš directs you to the left just behind the farm. Take on the slope across a ridge on which you stay throughout the ascent. The path ascends constantly partly across meadows, partly through forest until you reach a flat forest road ('Prva Ravan'). Follow it until a crossroad where a signpost directs you towards the summit. Follow the markings that will lead you all the way to the top of Blegoš.

The descent goes down the same way. This path is slightly less popular because of higher altitude difference; however, it is much more interesting for backcountry-skiers, who can ski all the way to the valley of Volaka.

Highest point:
Blegoš: 1562 m

Likar farm – Blegoš: 3 h
Descent: 1.30 h
Total: 4.30 h

Duration: 2

We ski down the direction of the ascent. At 'Prva Ravan' there are a few 100 meters of flat terrain that will be particularly inconvenient for snowboarders. There is more pleasure at the meadows in the lower part. If you keep right after the Likar farm, you can ski across meadows all the way to Volaka valley.
Skiing difficulty: 2
Skiing duration: ca. 1 h