Basic information
Kozina Coast and Karst
3.5 h
Trail type
Start point elevation
550 m
Highest point
1028 m
Total vertical climb
480 m

Starting point:
Skadanščina village at the north-west side of Slavnik hill. Leave the motorway 'Ljubljana – Koper' in Kozina, drive through Hrpelje town and continue on the main road past the villages of Tublje and Materija. After Materija pay attention to a signpost for Skadanščina, which will guide you to the right. Park at the beginning of Skadanščina village.

We will do a circular tour once again: ascend past Jegno meadow and descend along the faster 'direct' path. The first part of the path from Skadanščina towards Jegno meadow is unmarked. Keep right in Skadanščina and follow an asphalt road for a few 100 meters. The asphalt comes to an end at a hunters house (on your left), but you continue straight forward on a forest road. About 1 km from the hunters house your road merges with a wider dirt road (at a meadow with a hunting observatory) where you go to the left. From here on the path is nicely marked. Follow the dirt road to Jegno meadow (where you will be barked at from afar by shepherd dogs, who guard their flock). Proceed to the left past the barns or stables at the meadow and follow the signposts which will guide you all the way to the bare top slope, from where you can already see 'Tumova Koča' hut at the top of Slavnik. From a concrete block, which marks the summit, descend on a narrow path directly in the direction of Skadanščina village (the closest remote village which you see north-east ahead of you). The path is nicely marked and leads you through magical forests and past meadows near Skadanščina back to the starting point.

Highest point/summit:
Slavnik: 1028 m

Skadanščina - Slavnik (past Jegno meadow): 2.15 h
Slavnik - Skadanščina (direct descent): 1 h
Total: 3.30 h

1 - The entire route is technically easy.

Type of path:
Marked path - The beginning of the ascent towards Jegno meadow is unmarked.