Basic information
Zakojca (Baška grapa)
slapovi, grapa
Entrance fee
700 m
Trip duration
3 h

How to get there:
Start the trip at 'Pri Flandru' tourist farm in Zakojca. You can get there:

  • From 'Baška Grapa': on the road 'Železniki – Most Na Soči' in Grahovo Ob Bači village turn towards Bukovo and Zakojca. Ascending road brings you to Zakojca in about 5 km
  • From Cerkno: you can come to Cerkno from Škofja Loka (and Poljanska valley), from Železniki (and Selška valley) or from Idrija. Signposts will guide you to Zakojca from the center of Cerkno (18 more km). Follow an asphalt road through extremely panoramic villages Gorje, Zakriž, Jesenica and Bukovo.
The winding road is probably the thing which 'protects' Zakojca from masses of tourists. It is so wonderfully peaceful up here only thanks to that. It is the right place for all seekers of genuine nature, bird singing, merry people and home-made food. 'Pri Flandru' tourist farm in Zakojca takes care of the latter and we begin our trip right there.

Proceed on the main road from 'Pri Flandru' farm through the village and turn left down a dirt road at a right turn after about 300 m. Carry on past the house no. 21 and then a few crossroads come, where we go like this: first split to the right, the second slightly to the left and the third one left again (straight on you would come to a meadow). If you have done everything correctly, you got closer to a small stream on a faded tractor road. Continue descending on a rough tractor road, which takes you to the stream. Cross the streambed and proceed to the left on a narrow path, which will finally lead you to Zakojca ravine. Head up the stream and walk wherever it is the easiest. There is no path here, the ravine is initially pretty wide, destroyed and stranded trees lie everywhere and you are surrounded by a lush forest.

You will walk for about half an hour from the starting point to the first waterfall. At first you will spot a waterfall on your right on the left affluent, but only a few meters higher there is the first waterfall on the main stream. Go around it on the left side with the help of a steel cable on a very narrow and rather exposed path. Not far from here the second (higher and more beautiful) waterfall awaits you and if you wish to get really close, you have to go down a pathless steep terrain before the waterfall to the stream. Return back to the footpath and go around this waterfall on the left side as well – the path is even more precipitous and slippery. Continue along the stream, jump over a small waterfall and turn left upwards at the third waterfall (around 3 meters high). Ascend above the waterfall on a poorly visible (but traced) path, from where you can either go down to the next series of small waterfalls or proceed rising uphill slightly to the left (according to the direction of the stream). A narrow path leads you to a path-junction where you turn to the right (to the left you would come to a remote house with drinking water). You will come to the stream once more where a footbridge is set. You will notice some smaller waterfalls above you; you can take a look at them but our path leaves Zakojška ravine here.

Cross the stream over the footbridge and ascend on a clear path to a remote farm house and past it straight ahead across a steep terrain to the next houses, where the road starts. Cross the yard of the next farm and turn right onto a meadow behind a concrete bridge. Descend by the edge of the meadow to a forest road, which eventually leads you to an asphalt road. Continue on it for 1 more km to the starting point.

Basic info:
Duration: 3 h
Length: 7.5 km
Altitude difference: 250 m
Type of path: very demanding unmarked path